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  1. Guide to Budgeting - Life happens. But you can be prepared for any money problems that come your way, and an EveryDollar budget is the tool to get you there. Click here to download Budgeting Guide
  2. Economic Resources - The NAACP Economic Department provides economic education resources, which includes curriculum, toolkits, PowerPoint presentations and resource guides around wealth inequality & asset building, credit rehabilitation, financial planning and mortgage assistance and foreclosure recovery.
  3. Texas/Historically Underutilized Business Certification Program "HUB" - The HUB program requires all Texas state agencies to make a good faith effort to use HUBs for purposes of contracting for construction services or commodity purchases. To obtain HUB certification, a business must be at least 51% owned by an Asian Pacific American, Black American, Hispanic American, Native American and/or American woman, and as a result of the recent legislative session, now service-rendered disabled veterans are considered a minority for purposes of the HUB program. A business must also be a for-profit entity that has not exceeded the size standards prescribed by 34 Texas Administrative Code §20.23, and has its principal place of business in Texas. Additionally, the business must have an owner residing in Texas with a proportionate interest that actively participates in the control, operations and management of the entity's affairs.

    The Texas Comptroller’s Office organizes and administers the HUB certification program. For more information on how to obtain procurement contracts with state agencies and how to qualify as a HUB, please visit the Comptroller’s website.

  4. Louisiana/Small and Emerging Business Development Program - LED's Small and Emerging Business Development (SEBD) Program provides the managerial and technical assistance training needed to grow and sustain a small business. Learn more...
    • Provides for developmental assistance, including entrepreneurial training, marketing, computer skills, accounting, business planning, and legal and industry-specific assistance.
    • Consideration for bidding on select products or services purchased by state agencies.
    • SEBD Intermediaries provide a free needs assessment and assistance with accessing other program benefits.
  5. Minority-owned Business Certifications - The Oklahoma Department of Commerce serves as an initial point of contact for aspiring and established business owners, including minority entrepreneurs. As with all businesses, the agency provides information on starting a business, organizations that assist small businesses, and other common questions.

    We encourage minorities starting or expanding business to contact our Minority Business Coordinator for additional information specific to minority-owned businesses.

    Contact Ken Talley, Minority Business Coordinator at 405-815-5218 or ken.talley@okcommerce.gov. Learn more...

  6. Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise - The Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise division promotes the growth and sustainability of Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises by providing them with real-world technical and professional assistance, certification, procurement, networking, capital and contracting opportunities while utilizing our partners in state and federal government, higher education, lending institutions the private sector. Our main goal is to help these business enterprises contribute to the economic growth in Arkansas. Learn more...

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