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First District
Lennitt Bligen

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Second District
Delrecole “Rico” Gales

Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Third District
Conrado B. Morgan

Virginia and Washington, DC.

Fourth District
David Reliford

Ohio and West Virginia.

Fifth District
Sam McKenzie

Kentucky and Tennessee.

Sixth District
Al White

North Carolina and South Carolina.

Seventh District
Reginald M. Harris

Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi.

Eighth District
Kermit Ervin

Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Ninth District
Harold Bailey

Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas.

Tenth District
Sean T. Long

Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Twelfth District
Kwame Dow

Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Thirteenth District
Tracy D. George

Bahamas, Canada, Germany, Ghana, Hawaii (United States), Japan, South Korea, US Virgin Islands, United Kingdom.

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