Ninth District Committees
Committee Chairman
The Achievement Week Subcommittee shall organize the Ninth District Achievement Week Program consistent with the National Achievement Week Program and the Fraternity’s mandate.Achievement Week Committee George Mayers Jr.
Receive and review all proposed by-laws amendments for submittal to the district meeting for approvalBylaws Committee Jimmie McMillion
Monitor the Membership Recruitment Process and train MSP Chairmen (process and paperwork) and Brothers (process)MSP Training Committee Anthony Whitaker
The NAACP Committee shall coordinate and maintain the partnership with the NAACP consistent with the Fraternity’s mandate. Every district and chapter of the fraternity is required to maintain a Life Membership at Large in the NAACP.NAACP Committee Douglas Brown
Develop a set of policies and procedures for the Ninth DistrictPolicies and Procedures Committee Albert Benifield Jr
The Reclamation Subcommittee shall assist the Fraternity’s Membership Committee to implement the Fraternity’s reclamation program in the Ninth District.Reclamation Committee Gary Jiles, Sr.
Receive, evaluate and formalize recommendations for submittalRecommendations Committee Carl Johnson
The Retention Subcommittee shall assist the Fraternity’s Membership Committee to implement the Fraternity’s retention program in the Ninth District.Retention Committee David Williams
The Talent Hunt Subcommittee shall organize and develop the Ninth District Talent Hunt demonstration for final execution and presentation at the District Meeting consistent with the Fraternity’s mandate.Talent Hunt Committee Roderick Delph
The Voter Registration and Mobilization Committee shall facilitate and participate in activities that uplift the community through the power of the vote.Voter Registration and Mobilization Committee Karlos Jackson
Committee Chairman
Support and develop programs that provide benefits to the brotherhood. Benefits, Programs and Incentives Committee Antonio Brown Sr
Assist and support the District Chaplain with all bereavement related activitiesBereavement Committee Alphonse Matthews
Big Brothers and Big Sisters Committee Sedric Myers
Oversee and organize brotherhood programming in order to increase brotherhood and fraternal collaboration around the District, and build a stronger community between brothers.Brotherhood Committee John Barker
Construct the proposed budgets, direct the district's financial auditBudget and Finance Committee Roosevelt Meads
Resolve questions regarding registration/voting for district meetingCredentials Committee Morris Wynn, Jr.
Provide a means of capturing / processing evaluations from district meeting attendeesDistrict Meeting Evaluation Committee TBD
Investigate and recommend business opportunities for the districtEconomic Development Committee Antonio Brown Sr
Establish and conduct candidates' forum and elections processElections Committee Michael Walker
Assist and support the District with all emergency and disaster-related activities.Emergency Assistance Committee Timothy Fitten II
Fatherhood Initiatives Committee Sedric Myers
Government Affairs Committee Daniel Banguel
Responsible for the planning and execution of all district Hospitality activitiesHospitality Committee Miron Billingsley
International Crisis Resolution Committee Erick Powers
The Medical and Health Initiatives Committee shall organize, develop, facilitate, and coordinate activities that promote good health practices consistent with the Fraternity’s mandate.Medical-Health Initiatives Committee Marlon Henderson
Ninth District Life Membership Committee Mack McCraney Jr.
Ninth District Registration Committee Ruffin Mitchell III
Pan-Hellenic Committee TBD
Document and implement appropriate fraternity protocol standards in the Ninth DistrictProtocol Committee Eric Allen
Recent Graduate Stipend Committee Howard Dunlop
The Scholarship Committee shall formulate programs in the Ninth District to foster academic excellence and identify those brothers in the Ninth District who have attained recognition for their academic achievements during the preceding year in order to afford them further recognition and accolades at the Ninth District Meeting.Scholarship Committee Howard Dunlop
Develop plans for improving the use of technology in the district and help to educate members on technology issues/itemsTechnology Committee Avery Matthews
Develop, implement,and enforce policies and procedures pursuant to the evaluation and selection of future sites for annual District MeetingTime and Place Committee TBD
Identify and support the Omega Men of the Ninth District who are currently serving or have previously served in the militaryVeterans Affairs Committee John Veal, Jr.
Develop plans to utilize the district's non-profit foundationWLD Johnson Foundation Committee TBD
Youth Leadership Committee TBD

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