Ninth District Life Membership Program

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Chairman: Mack McCraney Jr.

The Ninth District Life Membership Program was approved at the 77th Ninth District Meeting in Oklahoma City, OK in April 2014. As such, Ninth District Life Membership Status became effective beginning Nov. 1, 2015. The program is an extension of the WLD Johnson, Jr. Foundation, a 501(c)3 entity, which was chartered to aid organizations involved in charitable, educational, scholastic and scientific pursuits. The program is open to all fully-financial members of Ninth District chapters who are in good standing at all levels of the Fraternity. Life Members of the Ninth District will be exempt from all future annual Ninth District dues.

The current fee for the Ninth District Life Membership Program is 20 times the current annual dues rate, which totals $1,000.00 at this time. A single payment of $1,000 or two (2) payments of $500 each within 6 months can be made via the link provided below. Brothers will not be recognized as Ninth District Life Members until the application is processed and all payments are received in full and within the allotted time frames.

All Ninth District Life Members receive:

  1. Exemption from all future Ninth District Dues.
  2. Ninth District Life Membership Plaque.
  3. Metallic Ninth District Life Membership Card.

In addition, Life Members will also be able to purchase a personalized Ninth District Life Membership Lapel Pin and other items.

*** You must be logged in and financal to apply. ***

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