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Rho Omega
P.O. Box 958
Shreveport, LA 71163

Barriet Thomas
Darius Kimble
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Barriet Thomas
Willie Siglar
Anthony Kimble
Zachary Turner

About Rho Omega

The oldest graduate chapter in the Ninth District of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity,Incorporated, the Rho Omega Chapter in Shreveport, Louisiana, boasts a distinctive, trailblazing, and rich history. Believing that men of like attainment and similar ideas of fellowship and manhood should bind themselves together in order to approach these ideas, the Rho Omega Chapter was approved and established in July of 1923. However, the Rho Omega Chapter Charter was not granted by the national body until September 1, 1923. The chartered members were: H. Stuart Davis (Basileus), Dr. T.M. Johnson, Dr. H.C. Hudson, Dr. W.E. Griffin, Principal R.E. Brown, Educators W.P. Terrell, Leyton Weston, Harry Nelson, and Minister F.L. Lewis. Candidates initiated in 1923 were: Dr. William Wallace, Dr. E. B. Liddell, Dr. Julius A. Phillips, and Undertaker C.L. Coffey.

From its inception, Rho Omega Chapter has grown considerably and has made a tremendous impact on the social, economic, civic, and political life of the community, state, and nation. By making it a point to fulfill all mandated programs each fiscal year, Rho Omega has been able to positively and effectively promote Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated. Aside from hosting several past Ninth District Meetings, Rho Omega has had some of their “best and brightest” serve as Ninth District Officers, Ninth District Special Function Appointees, and Ninth District Achievement Awards Recipients.

Currently, Rho Omega Chapter has a sterling roster filled with those of the highest intellect, greatest educational achievements, and most esteemed vocations and political positions. However, the richness of Rho Omega lies in the many capable, insightful, and diligent men who have graciously given and shared their talents throughout the years. For example, the Rho Omega Chapter holds an annual Good Citizenship and Scholarship Awards Program at Booker T. Washington High School (Shreveport, Louisiana). The aptly renamed Frank R. Rayson Good Citizenship and Scholarship Awards Program, which started at Booker T. Washington High School in the 1950’s, was the brainchild of Rho Omega Chapter Member, Brother Frank R. Rayson. Each year, Rho Omega Chapter recognizes and presents over 200 African-American, male, high school students with various Good Citizenship Awards. In addition to Good Citizenship Awards, at least ten scholarships are awarded to graduating, college-bound, male students.

Aside from the promotion of Scholarship, Rho Omega Chapter strives to Uplift the Shreveport-Bossier City community. Through their 501c3 organization, Rho Omega and Friends, Incorporated, the Rho Omega Chapter sponsors the “Let The Good Times Roll Festival” each June at Shreveport’s Festival Plaza. The “Let The Good Times Roll Festival,” which Rho Omega Chapter started in 1987 as a celebration of Juneteenth, is a showcase of national recording artists, arts and crafts, and local cuisine. Each year, thousands of area residents come out and celebrate in the only minority sponsored festival of its kind. Through these fundraising efforts, Rho Omega Chapter is able to provide scholarships, donate air conditioning fans each summer, and promote voter registration efforts. 

Past Basilei of the Rho Omega Chapter include: H. Stuart Davis 1923, Leyton Weston 1924, T.M. Johnson 1925-28, James Perry 1928-33, Leo McPhearson 1933-37, Chapter was inactive because of the War 1938-43, George C. Henderson, Sr. 1943-48, Booker D. Harrison 1948-50, Herman Selber 1950-72, Ealie W. Thornton 1972-74, Louis J. Nelson, Sr. 1974-77, John Thomas, Jr. 1977-79, Donald M. Aytch, Sr. 1979-81, Willie JC Critton 1981-83, Carl E. Stewart 1983-85, Cecil R. Henderson 1985-87, Edwin Taylor, III 1987-89, Abner B. Hedgemon, Jr. 1989-91, James E. Stewart, Sr. 1991-93, Joseph E. Odom 1993-95, Abner B. Hedgemon, Jr. 1995-97, Reginald Abrams 1997-2001, Calvin B. Lester 2001-2003, Carl H. Franklin 2003-2005, Larry Anderson 2005-2009, Marlon D. Henderson 2009-2013, Kenneth Thomas 2013-2017, James Hawkins 2017-2021, Darius Z. Kimble 2021-present.

Although times have changed since 1923, Rho Omega Chapter has been careful to not abandon the principles that have made Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated great since 1911– Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, Uplift. The members of Rho Omega have always tried to live up to the motto “Friendship Is Essential To The Soul” in all of their endeavors. Additionally, Rho Omega Chapter has returned to the original concept of selecting only those men who already possess and exhibit our four cardinal principles. By no accident, many of Shreveport’s great African-American men are/were Omega men. There a very few residents of Shreveport-Bossier City whose lives have not been touched by a member of Rho Omega Chapter. Rho Omega Chapter has a rich, 90 year heritage to be protected, celebrated, and enhanced. 


Rho Omega Chapter Initiates:



Alvin L. Taylor (November 22, 1930)



Wendel O. Grigsby (June 11, 1935)



Howard Sims (May 1, 1936)



George C. Henderson, Sr. (July 13, 1937)



Albert M. Moody, Sr. (April 25, 1938)



Blanchard Bell (December 20, 1940)



Melvin Jarrett (December 8, 1942)



Dan L. Smith

William R. London

Jonathan F. Roach

Bennie E. Bailey

Milton Fletcher

Emmett A. Mays

Sol E. Powell

Frank R. Rayson

Elijah B. Williams



Granville Smith (January 31, 1947)

Irwin F. Jones (May 16, 1947)

Otto C. Rollins

Herman Selber

Lee A. Williams

Herbert D. Webb

Joseph W. Walker (December 18, 1947)



Thomas E. Peete (May 6, 1948)

Elmo A. Phelps

Richard Walker

Alfred F. Woodson (December 21, 1948)



Ezekiel E. Moore (February 14, 1949)

Walter Saxton (October 5, 1949)

Earnest B. Miller December 5, 1949)

Ralph Milner



Isaac L. Hall (May 13, 1950)

Emory J. Palmer



Donald M. Aytch, Sr. (May, 1, 1951)

Joseph E. Odom



Charley M. Lester (April 5, 1952)

Albert L. Leviston

Billy V. Morgan

James M. Redden (December 12, 1952)

John L. Taylor



Bernard Warren (April 14, 1953)



Orlando Moss, Sr. (December 9, 1954)



Charles Cason (February 14, 1955)

Walter E. Compier (February 24, 1955)



Charles K. Johnson (January 27, 1956)

Raymond Cotton (April 7, 1956)



Herman Brodus (May 31, 1957)



Henry Franklin, Jr. (December 26, 1958)

B.J. Harbor



Roy L. Jackson (April 21, 1959)

Ealie W. Thornton (May 2, 1959)



Louis Nelson, Sr. (April 29, 1960)

John Thomas, Jr. (June 3, 1960)



Fred Ellis (April 13, 1961)



Clarence C. Conway (February 29, 1964)



Willie JC Critton (December 1965)



Roy W. Lester (December 9, 1967)



Donald Ivory (April 5, 1968)

Cladius Washington

Linton Ardoin (May 18, 1968)



Columbus Lafitte (January 16, 1969)



Leon Anderson (February 19, 1971)

Clifton Jones

Eddie L. Cooper, Sr. (December 17, 1971)

Willie R. Griffin



James E. Looney (November 11, 1972)

Gary D. Tripp



L.D. Addison (December 13, 1974)

Merculus J. Chretien

Cecil R. Henderson



Henry Sherman, Jr. (December 12, 1975)



Melvin Ashley (December 3, 1976)

Roosevelt Daniel

George C. Henderson, Jr.

Charles E. Lovelace

Willie F. McPhearson

Robert Pryor

Glyn E. Thomas

Wade H. White



Odis L. Jones (June 17, 1977)

Ted Spikes



Clyn J. Lott (March 2, 1978)

David Thomas

Richard S. Williams



Wavey T. Lester (March 19, 1979)

Lorenzo Powell



Charles R. Jones (May 7, 1980)

Curtis Jones

Wilson N. Morton

David A. Reed



Malvin M. Jones (May 30, 1981)

Henry B. Jones

Jay R. Ramos

Larry Towner



Morell Boone (October 26, 1983)



Andrew Britton, Jr. (May 10, 1985)

Curtis Davis

Chappelle P. Henderson



Willie B. Johnson (February 19, 1988)

J. Lee Northcutt

David W. Semien

Orlando K. Winston



Barry L. Cooper (May 29, 1993)

Mark A. Cooper

Ernest Baylor, Jr. (June 5, 1993)

Coolidge Dixon

Lyndon B. Johnson

Mack Jones

Carlton Mitchell

Harry L. Williams

Derwin L. Young



Jermaine T. Casey (April 13, 1996)

Darryl K. Evans

Kem L. Jones

Samuel B. Jones

Calvin B. Lester, Jr.

Kenneth S. Myers

Samuel L. Youngblood



Westal D. Davis (December 13, 1997)



Willie L. Henderson, Jr. (April 4, 1998)

Derrick K. Ludley

Donald R. McDuffy

William L. Small

Floyd A. Webb

Marion E. Walthour

Anthony Williams

Gabriel O. Fagbeyiro (November 21, 1998)

James. E. Lester

Fred Moss IV

Kalan J. Washington

Charlie J. Williams



Richard P. Johnson (March 20, 1999)

Wilbert D. Pryor

Carl E. Stewart, Jr.



Kenneth W. Thomas (March 23, 2002)



Michael W. Carter (March 29, 2003)

Rolland J. Coleman

Rodney T. Gant

Brekiscus B. Jackson

Richard S. Jeffries, Sr.

Derrick B. O’Neal

Jimmy R. Thomas



Derrick M. Allums (March 12, 2005)

Marlon D. Henderson

Byron M. Lyons


Patrick L. Dennis (November 19, 2005)

Cladius Washington III



Michael R. Hicks (December 3, 2006)

Darius Z. Kimble

Edward Summage



Damein M. Burgess, Sr. (April 4, 2009)

Silas T. Harris

Darius Q. Henderson

Gregory P. Jackson

C. Marcellus Sanders

Cedric D. Thomas



Kirby S. Dawson (April 16, 2011)

Troy A. Jackson

Tremayne L. Myles

James D. Rhodes



Michael L. Edwards (April 27, 2013)

Frederick D. Green

Marcus A. Hall

Terry L. Lewis

Eric T. Moore

David R. Roberts



Vencil Holmes (March 16, 2017)

Barriet "Doug" Thomas

Jimmy Barnes, Jr

Edward Prim



Tony Arnold (November 25, 2018)

Randal Bowie

Nick Huckaby

Anthony Kimble

Chris Lias

Kary Landry

Earnest Goldsmith

Derrick Coleman

Jerome Lewis

Kendrick Law

Darrick Hollins

Ashton Pennywell

Robert Oliver

Jerriel Curley

Willie Siglar

Quinton Collins



Johnathan Stewart (April 23, 2022)

Walter Roquemore

Zachary Turner

LeDonis Black

Leonte Owens

Lionel Frasier

Edwin Jefferson

James Jones

Eric Monroe


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