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Gamma Eta
PO Box 2400
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Jamar Shaw
KeYon Demps
Frenklyn Piggie Jr.
Braylon Alcorn
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About Gamma Eta

The Gamma Eta Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville had its inception as a club.  Approximately 15 young men in the 1973-74 school year formed a club called the Brotherhood.  The group was formed from friendships established in the 1972-73 school year of a group of young men who later decided to come together in friendship and formed intramural teams and sponsored dances.


The group decided to more formally organize and had a meeting to discuss which fraternity they wanted to bring to campus.  After discussions were held, the majority discovered they had more in common than first thought when they discovered most had been influenced by Omega men. Omega was the only fraternity discussed. The vote was unanimous for Omega to become the first charted black fraternity on the University of Arkansas campus.  Contact was made with Dr. Gordon Morgan, a faculty member on campus known to be an Omega man, who provided the guidance and assistance to make this happen.  Through Dr. Morgan’s efforts with his brother-in-law, Brother James Wise, who was State Representative for Omega at the time, this hope became a reality.


Gamma Eta Lines

Fall 1974 “Genesis 10”      initiated under Pi Omicron
Lonnie Ray Williams
Morris Sylvester (Omega Chapter)
Donald Hatchett
Charles Frost
Ephron Robinson
Edward McKeel (Omega Chapter)
Cliff Cain
Arthur Ezell
Ronnie Thompson (Omega Chapter)
Edward Garland

Fall 1975 “Sinister Six”                    
Jerry Flemons
Joe Bradley
Lynn Thompson (Naeem Omari)

Henry "Hank" Thompson (Omega Chapter)
Clayton Henderson (Omega Chapter)
Bev (Shaun) Angles

Fall 1976  “Lone Que”

Charles “Gip” Gibson

Spring 1977 “Low Down Nine”
Don Chappel
Fred Lewis
Larry Anders
Albert Carr
Artie Ezell
Dwayne Williams
Brennan White
J. D. Bradford
Johnnie Meadors

Fall 1977 “Slave Line”

Gary Roper (Omega Chapter)  Bionic Que

Spring 1978 “Canine 8”

Kevin Mosely

Rayfield Walker

Simuel Wilburn

Chris Simon

Richard Lynch

Rickey Hammond

Tim Foster (Omega Chapter)

Clinton Smith

Spring 1980 “New Birth”
Andrew Moxey
Randy Brown
Oze Rucker
Paul Quincy Ross

Fall 1980 “Tri-Nasty”

Charlie “Rat” Freeman

Phillip "Punch" Walton
Stanley Redwine

Spring 1981 “Dirty Nickel”
Forrest Coleman
Garland Yarber
Wayne Dixon
Booker T. Washington
Michael Small (Omega Chapter)

Fall 1981 “Chain Gang”
Greg Pitts
Gerald O'Guinn
Anthony Biddle
Donny James

Spring 1982 “Filthy FourSome”
Dewayne Goldman
Ken Smith
Clint Stephens
Alvin Robinson

Spring 1983 “Atomic Deuce”
Morris Nellum
Carl Dupins


Spring 85 “Triple Threat”
Bryce Morgan (Omega Chapter)
Derik Jones
John F. Register


Fall 1985 “Uni-Que”

Ronnie Bankston

Spring 1986 "Tenacious Two"
Ed Wiley - EZQ
Shelton Lawson - Quixotic Que

Fall 1987
Judge Taylor

Spring 1988 Chainged Heat”
Evans Duvall
Dwight Lasker
Lorenzo Brown


Spring 1989  “Dog Team One”
Harvey Williams

Spring 1992 “Five Dogs of Deception”
Randy Crawford
Les Barnes
Ralph Maxwell
Earnest Duckery
Carlton Calvin

Spring 1993 “Two Dawgs Stranded on Death Row”
Trent Knapp
Corliss Williamson

Fall 1993
Jacquard “Jack” Clark (Omega Chapter, July 5, 2010)
Carl Kidd
Darrius Cummings

Spring 1994 “Heltah Skeltah”
Dexter Hubbard
Geno Bell

Spring 1996 “ Deadly Deuces”
Moncrief Dodds
Bobby Williams

Spring 1997 ““The Long Awaited Crunk Dogs”
Donald Bivens
Manny Price

Spring 1999 “The Center To One"
Owen Muldrow Jr. (The LoneRanger Que)

Spring 2000  “Resurrected One”
Reginald “Reggie” Ervin

Fall 2000 “Three Unbowed Souls”
Carlos Dickerson
Lavar Miller
Larry “Sparky” Hamilton

Spring 2001 “Deadly Sins”
Andrew Thomas
Aaron Marsh
Jimmy Beasley
George Wilson

Fall 2002 “Seven Fearless Sons of Pain”
Randy Brown Jr.
Ivan Hudson
Richard Smith Jr.
Maurice Robinson
Markise Hammonds
Orlander Macon Jr.
Ken Hamlin


Fall 2003 “Last “1” Standing”

Dinois Harvey


Spring 2004 “Dead M3N Walking”

Antonio Mitchell

Devin Trader

Gideon Banks


Fall 2004 “Five Poetic Prayers of Intelligence”

Hezekiah Michael Gatson

DeCori Birmingham

Stephon Latham

Quincy Williams

Jonathan Modica

Fall 2005  “The UnconQUErable 1”
Trevin Ware

Spring 2007  “2 Everlasting Sins”
Douglas Easterwood
Cordero L. Gray


Fall 2009 “Genesis 5 – The Resurrection”

Jesse Booker             
Joshua Williams         
Philip White              
Matthew Marshall         
Charles Mack            


Fall 2010 “2 Unforgiven Souls”

GeJuan DeRon Jordan

Mbato U. Nkwocha


Spring 2012 "True 2 the Game":

Ryan Graves

Tyler Gilbert


Spring 2013 “3 Revelations of the Que Testament”

Timothy Williams

Dexter Payne

Philip Bankston

Friends of Gamma Eta

Gamma Eta has been very fortunate to have had brothers from other chapters to migrate to the University of Arkansas and associate with Gamma Eta in carrying on Omega’s mission.  Some of those brothers include:

Richard Chitman               Tau Sigma

John Dixon                       Chi Psi

Larry Dunklin                    Pi Omicron

Dewayne “Shark” Gamble

Leonard Dwayne Graves                    Delta Eta

Alex “Tank” Herman                          Alpha Zeta

Curtis Johnson                                 Upsilon Chi

Nick Lasker                                      Upsilon Chi

Carl Riley                            Alpha Zeta

Michael Sims                      Tau Sigma

Richard “Redbone” Wilson    Beta Delta

Lee Young                          Beta Alpha


University of Arkansas-Fayetteville, Faculty/Staff members

Dr. Paul Adams                                              Chemistry Professor

Carlton Bailey, J.D.                                         School of Law Professor

Lenthon B. Clark                                            Director of Financial Aid

Dr. Johnny Jones                                           Graduate School Recruiter

Alfred Lowe                                                    Graduate School Recruiter

John Mitchell                                                  Assistant Football Coach

Dr. Gordon D. Morgan                                     Sociology Professor

Morris Nellums                                               Admissions Recruiter

Carl Riley                                                      Fulbright College administrator

Dr. Charley L. Tolliver                                    Electrical Engineering Professor

Dr. Lonnie R. Williams                                   Student Affairs administrator

Dr. Nudie Williams (Omega chapter)               History Professor

Lee Young                                                    Admissions Recruiter

In August of 1974, 15 young men, 13 from the Brotherhood and two others, began the process of pledging Omega Psi Phi under the direction Brother Gordon Morgan and graduate students Danny Withers (serving as Dean of Pledges), Ronald Coleman, C. Calvin Smith, and Arnold Coleman.  Since there was no chapter of Omega on campus, the process was being coordinated under the auspices of Pi Omicron Graduate Chapter in Little Rock.  The pledge process lasted from the last week of August until December 7, 1974 with the crossing of 10 initial members known as Genesis 10: Lonnie R. Williams, Morris Sylvester, Donald Hatchett, Charles B. Frost, Ephron Robinson, Cliff Cain, Edward McKeel, Ronnie Thompson, Arthur Ezell and Edward J. Garland.  The chapter was awarded its charter and designation as Gamma Eta Chapter on February 18, 1975.  As of April 2013, 38 lines have crossed and 124 brothers have joined Omega thru the Gamma Eta chapter.  God Bless Gamma Eta and Long live Omega Psi Phi.