District Keeper of Records and Seal

Bro. David Washington Jr.

Current Chapter: Omicron Gamma Gamma

E-mail: proseqtor@gmail.com
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Join Yahoo Group - Send an email to ninthdistrictbrothers-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Update your contact information on the IHQ and 9th District sites.

I have a couple of tasks that I need each of you to complete.

1.      I need each of you to send an email to 9thdistrictkrs@oppf.org  from your OPPF.org email account. Your address is your chapter name followed by KRS. (example DeltaXIKRS@oppf.org) You will need to contact Miss Constance Hardge (ihqrecmanagementrep1@oppf.org) at IHQ and ask her to reset your password and your Basileus'. After this is done, I have attached instructions on how to change the default password and how to add the account to your personal devices. Ask your Basileus to do the same!

2.      I need you to download your chapter roster from IHQ and for all brothers that are in Omega chapter and are still listed as reclaimable please fill out the deceased member form. (Download) If you don't have MS Word or a PDF reader let me know!

3.      Request that each chapter member update their info on IHQ site.

4.      Request that each chapter member join the yahoo group.

5.      Send DKRS your chapter's contact list.