Giving one's time and energy to serve the public trust is a hallmark of our democracy and political process. Therefore, we recognize our Brothers around the Ninth District who are answering the call to serve, to lead by example, and to act as stewards of our communities to ensure that everyone is properly represented and that government works in the best interests of all.

Please support our Brothers. Contact them for more information, visit their campaign websites, donate, volunteer, and VOTE!


Bro. Philip Hood

Candidate for Arkansas State Representative – District 36


Initiated Omicron Lambda Lambda, 2013, Little Rock, AR.
International Life Member.

Bro. Willie Banks, Jr.

Candidate for Louisiana State Representative – District 24


Initiated Delta Tau, 1972, Plaquemine, LA.
Currently Epsilon Chi, Alexandria, LA.
Colonel, US Army (Ret.)

Bro. Marcus Bryant

Candidate for Louisiana State Representative – District 96


Initiated Beta Sigma, 1999, Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA.
Currently Rho Omicron, New Iberia, LA.
International Life Member.
Ninth District Life Member.
82nd Ninth District Marshal.


          If you or a Brother you know are seeking public office, please provide the District Keeper of Records and Seal with the appropriate contact and campaign information.