Voter Registration and Mobilization Committee
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Karlos Jackson
The Voter Registration and Mobilization Committee shall facilitate and participate in activities that uplift the community through the power of the vote.

About The Voter Registration and Mobilization Committee

The committee’s mission is to mobilize the communities around the brothers through voter registration.  Educate our neighbors to what is politically essential for our local neighborhoods, state level politics, and national.  During the election cycles, get our communities to the polls so that they have an opportunity not only to participate but to be deciding factor on how their community is governed.

We're asking that EVERY Chapter be heavily involved in Voter Registration efforts to meet the General Election registration deadline of October 8th in most states (OKC/Oct. 13th).  We would like for Undergradaute/Graduate Advisory Chapters to come together and host Voter Registration drives at local community high schools in order that we register the next generation of voters.  Those voters that will be 18 prior to November 8th will be the youngest voices exercising their civil right for the very first time and we should make it our duty and priority to educate them about the political process. 

We have Omega Men in embedded in communities all across the 9th District.  We need to educate ourselves about candidates running for election in our communities so that we can be of better service them through our vote.  We will also be aksed by those that have no knowledge of the candidate slate who will best serve our community needs.  We can, at the very least, educate them on a candidates platform and ask that they make an educated choice per their vote.

As for Mobilization, we need to team up with those civic/community organizations that are currently licensed to transport voters to and from the polls and lend our assistance to their efforts.  We also need to get the word out to our seniors concerning Early Voting opportunities and the availability of transportation if needed. 

Brother Karlos w/a K Jackson

9th District Voter Registration, Education, & Mobilization Chairman.