Technology Committee
Special Committee

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Durwin Pierre
Develop plans for improving the use of technology in the district and help to educate members on technology issues/items

About The Technology Committee


Technology Committee Mission

The mission of the 9th District Technology Committee is to ensure that any and all technical applications and platforms in use by the District are adequate, appropriate, continuously operational, and properly maintained in order to support the District's initiatives, programs, and the dissemination of information to the Brotherhood.  Our primary purpose includes the oversight of the District's website, including but not limited to:

  • Ensuring 24x7 accessibility and operation,
  • Managing updates,
  • Documenting, tracking, and resolving any related issues in a timely manner, and
  • Providing the Brothers with the means to provide feedback or to report any issues. 

The Technology Committee is also responsible for individually supporting the DR, Council Members, and other District Committee Chairmen with their technical needs (i.e. regarding conference calls, webinars, presentations, uploads to website, etc.), providing answers for any technology-related questions, and making recommendations regarding use of appropriate technologies, so they may be able to effectively carry out the duties of their position. 


2016-2017 Technology Committee Accomplishments

  • Created mailbox,, where Brothers may communicate any issues, requests, or feedback regarding the District’s website. 
  • Updated several aspects of District website to improve and maintain correctness and clarity.
  • Updated and continuously maintained the District Events calendar as published on the District website.
  • Expanded member database to better identify Brothers’ respective military service, educational backgrounds, and professional backgrounds.
  • Updated 'Past DRs' page with several photographs of former District Representatives.


2016-2017 Technology Committee Goals

  • Maintain function, correctness, and availability of District’s website.
  • Improve website function, look, and feel to enhance the user experience and better serve the needs of the District Brotherhood and Leadership.
  • Implement functionality to allow Chapters to identify local chairmen of committees devoted to the Fraternity’s mandated programs.
  • Implement functionality to report the above information to District Council members and chairmen of corresponding District-level committees for mandated programs.
  • Implement a new system to better track reclamation numbers on the Chapter- and District-levels.
  • Develop additional reporting capabilities and improve existing reporting functions to provide more meaningful and complete information to the District Leadership for more in-depth analysis and more focused decision-making.  
  • Continue to assist and support the DR, Council Members, and other District Committee Chairmen with their technical needs.