Reclamation Committee
Sub Committee

Contact #:

Gary Jiles Sr.
The Reclamation Subcommittee shall assist the Fraternity’s Membership Committee to implement the Fraternity’s reclamation program in the Ninth District.

About The Reclamation Committee


         Chairman Bro. Gary Jiles, Sr.                                                          Vice-Chairman Bro. Oscar Epps

         Ph# 318-465-5852                                                                            Ph# 318-243-6096


RECLAMATION COMMITTEE:       Chairman Bro. Gary D. Jiles, Sr., Vice Chairman Bro. Oscar Epps, Bro. Jeffery Williams, Bro. Glen Gowans, Bro. Tandy Anthony, Bro. Tevin Williams, Bro. Carl Washington,

At-Large Member 1st VDR Patrick Smith, At-Large Member Bro. Jody Davis, Past DR Bro. Willie (Mercenary) Hinchen, Bro. Teddy L. Jones, Jr. 2nd VDR Bro. Naarai King (UG)


 9th District Reclamation Statistics:

  • ALL Reclaimable for Fiscal Year 2015-16 = All reclaimable brothers; 7,639

  • There were 587 brothers reclaimed for Fiscal Year 2015-16, which is only 7.68%.


  • ALL Reclaimable for Fiscal Year 2016-17 = All reclaimable brothers; 7,607

  • As of 12/31/2016 there are 56 brothers reclaimed for Fiscal Year 2016-17, which is only 0.74%.



  • The goal this year is to get chapter with 49 or less members reclaim at least 10 brothers and chapters with 50 or more members reclaim at least 20 brothers.

  • Our main Membership number goal for Reclamation is 1,200 members for the Fiscal Year 2016-17.

  • Encourage chapters to make contact with 100% of non-financial brothers in their respective area.

  • Continue to identify undergraduates and graduates reclamation chairman to serve on the district committee.

  • Continue the process of using IHQ data to certify Reclamation numbers to provide official reports.

  • To adhere to the International Reclamation Committee Guidance and Leadership.

  • Work with district leadership to develop an incentive plan for the reclamation program.

  • Promote more networking among chapters.

  • Contact brothers regularly and encourage them to contact non-financial brothers.

  • Post questions/answers on the 9th District Website for brothers to review.


Accomplishment (s):

  • .Participate on the IHQ Reclamation/Retention Chairman conference calls every Wednesday for two months before the conclave.

  • Participate on District KRS conference call to obtain knowledge on changes in reporting.

  • Started the gold coin program for reclaimed members.

  • In the process of posting 2 forms for Reclamation Program on the 9th District website;

    1. Mighty Ninth District Reclamation Form

    2. Mighty Ninth District Inactive Members Form to be contacted



  • Work with FVDR Smith, DKRS Avery Matthews and IHQ Reclamation Chairman Joachim Rogers to obtain certified information of the reclamation numbers from IHQ on a quarterly basis.

  • Work very closely with each chapter Reclamation Chairman to ensure they are participating in Reclamation activities.

  • Work with the Mighty 9th District chapters in obtaining the Mighty 9th District Graduate Chapter the 2016-17 International Reclamation of the Year award.

  • That all Graduate Chapters completed the fiscal year 2015-16 with 50 and above members reclaim at least 20 inactive members.

  • That all Graduate Chapters completed the fiscal year 2015-16 with 49 or lower reclaim at least 10 inactive members.

  • That all active Undergraduate Chapters request that their Alumni Graduate Chapter members get RECLAIMED via a 9th District chapters. (That the Graduate Chapter will receive the credit in regards to the District & IHQ Reclamation records. Will be explaining.

  • All Mighty 9th District chapters work together to get inactive members from other Districts & Ninth District Reserved chapters ACTIVE.

  • That all Fraternity YEARS have at least 80 active members this means that each decade will have at least 800 members per decade. (Years 1970-1999)

  • That beginning with the year 2000 (Y2K) that each year thru 2014 will have at least 100 active members per year.

  • Attend chapters’ reclamation activities.


Methodology used to identify Ninth District Reclamation Chapters of the Year:

  • In order to maintain equity, chapters are divided into two categories small graduate chapter (1 - 49) and large graduate chapter (50 and above). The total number of brothers reclaimed during the awarded year will be divided by the total number of financial members in the respective chapter from the previous FY. The chapter with the highest percentage will be recognized during the Annual Ninth District Meeting Founders Banquet.

  • Upon request chapters must be prepared to provide official documentation of at least two reclamation activities conducted during the reporting FY. (1 point – 4 points) rating will be used in the event of any ties.


Methodology for gold coin for the Reclamation Program for Fiscal Year 2016-17:

  • Each reclaim brother will receive a gold coin.

  • Each brother that reclaim 4 brothers will receive a gold coin.

  • The gold coins will be mailed to the chapter. The shipping and handle cost will be handle by the district.

  • Reclaim brothers starting November 1, 2016.


Reclamation Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Must I pay all back-dues owed to become completely and fully financial?

    1. No, a Brother only has to pay current year’s dues (local, district and international) and $3.00 reinstatement fee.

  2. Must I be financial to attend a meeting?

    1. No, but you must show proof of membership or be introduced by a known brother that is present. Only financial members of the chapter are allowed to cast votes and/or conduct official chapter and/or fraternity business.

  3. How much does it cost?

    1. Amount varies due to our extended payment plan. The chapter KRS and/or Assistant KRS would have to communicate with each Brother on an individual basis.