Reclamation Committee
Sub Committee

Contact #:

Gary Jiles Sr.
The Reclamation Subcommittee shall assist the Fraternity’s Membership Committee to implement the Fraternity’s reclamation program in the Ninth District.

About The Reclamation Committee



Bro. Gary Jiles, Sr.


RECLAMATION COMMITTEE: Bro. Oscar Epps, Bro. Jeffery Williams, FVDR Patrick Smith, At-Large Member Past DR Bro. Willie (Mercenary) Hinchen




  • Encourage chapters to make contact with 100% of non-financial brothers in their respective area.

  • Continue to identify undergraduates and graduates reclamation chairman to serve on the district committee.

  • Continue the process of using IHQ data to certify Reclamation numbers to provide official reports.

  • To adhere to the International Reclamation Committee Guidance and Leadership.

  • Work with district leadership to develop an incentive plan for the reclamation program.

  • Promote more networking among chapters.

  • Contact brothers regularly and encourage them to contact non-financial brothers.

Accomplishment (s):

  • Ninth District reclaimed 305 brothers during FY 14-15.

  • Economic impact to IHQ during the year $30,500.00.

  • Economic impact to 9th District during the year $15,250.00.



  • Work with FVDR Smith and DKRS Newborn to obtain certified information of the reclamation numbers from IHQ on a quarterly basis.

  • Attend chapters’ reclamation activities.


Methodology used to identify Ninth District Reclamation Chapters of the Year:

  • In order to maintain equity, chapters are divided into three categories small (1-25) and large (26 - over 50). The total number of brothers reclaimed during the awarded year will be divided by the total number of financial members in the respective chapter from the previous FY. The chapter with the highest percentage will be recognized during the Annual Ninth District Meeting Founders Banquet.

  • Upon request chapters must be prepared to provide official documentation of at least two reclamation activities conducted during the reporting FY. (1 point – 4 points) rating will be used in the event of any ties.

 9th District Reclamation Statistics:

  • 2 year Reclaimable as of 12-30-15 (IHQ) = 426 brothers were financial 2 years ago which are good reclamation candidates.

  • ALL Reclaimable as of 12-30-15 = All reclaimable brothers; 7,847

  • There were 305 brothers reclaimed as of 2014-15, which is only 3.89%.