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Sedric Myers


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3rd Quarter 2017

Action Required!!

Greetings Brothers, as we continue to leverage the work around Fatherhood and Mentoring we have a huge opportunty to show our strengths.  We must continue to do the work of Omega by uplifting our communities through thhis venue.  I would encourage every chapter to send in information on the great works that you are doing. The national Fatherhood Committee is very engaged in sharing these great works via the newsletter and quarterly reporting to IHQ.  Brothers, please send in your information so that the 9th can be represented at this level. We have missed two publishings this year and it is very concerning to the leadership of this District.  Please feel free to contact me with questions. Also, if you are interested in joining the committee on Fatherhood and Mentoring let it be konwn. There two pressing opportunties that we must address:

1. Future Dads

2. Father of the Year


Brother Michael Williams Sr., mwilliamssr1979@yahoo.com,