Budget and Finance Committee
Special Committee

Contact #:

Roosevelt Meads

Construct the proposed budgets, direct the district's financial audit

About The Budget and Finance Committee

    Committee Members:

Committee Chair:   Bro. R. Quinn Meads, P.E.                

           Vice Chair:  Bro. Z.L. Williams             

Audit Sub-Committee

Terence Bradford Sr.              CPA                       Pi Tau                          Louisiana

Tim Scott                                                              Pi Omicron                  Arkansas  

Larry Hay                                                             Mu Mu Nu                   Texas



Budget Sub-Committee

Dwight McClendon                                               Gamma Rho                Louisiana

Dewite Dugger                                                     Xi Omega                    Oklahoma

Investment Analysis Sub-Committee

Z.L. Williams                                                        Theta Alpha                Texas

Walter Martin, Jr.                                                 Rho Phi                       Louisiana

Economic Development Sub-Committee