Achievement Week Committee
Sub Committee

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Rahsaan Cook
The Achievement Week Subcommittee shall organize the Ninth District Achievement Week Program consistent with the National Achievement Week Program and the Fraternity’s mandate.

About The Achievement Week Committee

Greetings Brothers of the Ninth District
The Ninth District AW Committee is now soliciting brothers to join its committee.
Undergraduates, as well as, Graduate brothers are welcomed to join.
Requirements for membership:
       1) The brother must be fully financial on all levels of the fraternity (Nationals, District, and his local chapter).
       2) The brother must reside within the Ninth District.
       3) The brother must be willing to serve for at least (1) one full year on the committee.
Duties of the Committee Member:
        1) To assist the Chair in encouraging participation in the Achievement Week Program; including the National Essay Contest.
        2) To assist the Chair in reviewing, scoring, and ranking submittals from contestants for the National Essay Contest and  all AW Program categories. 
        3) To attend/ participate in committee meetings (conference calls)conducted by the Chair or Vice Chair.
        4) When requested to do so,  to assume the duties and responsibilities of the Chair or Vice Chair in their absence. 
        5) Other duties as requested to promote the spirit and legacy of the Ninth District Achievement Week Program.
If you are interested in serving on this committee, please forward me the following information:
1) Your full name.
2) Your current chapter's name and location.
3) The name and contact information of your current chapter KRS.
4) Your contact information (number and E-mail address)
We thank you, in-advance, for your willingness to serve on this committee and the Mighty Ninth District. 
Your brother,

Bro. Rahsaan R. Cook


Rho Xi Chapter

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Ninth District

Achievement Week Chairman