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Rahsaan Cook
The Achievement Week Subcommittee shall organize the Ninth District Achievement Week Program consistent with the National Achievement Week Program and the Fraternity’s mandate.

About The Achievement Week Committee

Greetings Brothers of the Ninth District
First, my prayers goes out to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. May GOD continue to keep you and your family as you recover from this storm. Thank you to all those who contributed relief and/or volunteered to assist those in need.

This year, the IHQ Achievement Week Program Committee revised the criteria for each category.  The new criteria are detailed in the appendix sections.  The Form 77 dated June 28, 2017 provides an overview of the entire program's protocol. The last page of the FORM 77 describes the process followed by both the Ninth District and IHQ.


A deadline date has not yet been established; however, I would advise not to wait to began putting your packets together.  Please pay strict attention to the page limits and the requested information for each category.


In addition to your submittal, please provide a color head-shot of each individual winner dressed in business attire (suit and tie males/business dress-attire females). For Chapter of the Year Awards, a color chapter photo is required with all dressed in a dark suit and tie (preferred frat blazers and purple ties).




Complete submittals will be forwarded to the newly created Ninth District Dropbox. The Dropbox is still be developed; therefore, wait for further instructions before submitting.


Revisions made to the FORM 77:

1) Form 77 new revision dated 6/28/17 is an Overview of the entire Achievement Week Award Protocol.....please note the Final Page of Form 77 which describes the process.
2) There is a separate and unique appendix document for each Award Category Application.
3) Page limits for each category vary. The details are clearly defined in each application document.

4) The Chapter of the Year Award Applications are also page limited. This includes both Graduate and Undergraduate submittals.

5) Members are not eligible for the Citizen of the Year Award. This was done to provide an unambiguous opportunity for the Fraternity to recognize individuals outside the Fraternity who have made substantial contributions to mankind and the community. 
6) All award Applications prohibit the submission of photos (except for the allowed submission of a formal head-shot photo of the candidate for identification and presentation purposes)
7) The Founders Award has been revised to become a Lifetime Achievement Award with a 25 Year Membership Service minimum.
8) The Omega Man of the Year Award criteria have been revised to provide greater emphasis on Leadership. Leadership in the fraternity, as well as, in the community.

9) These new criteria apply immediately to the 2016 -2017 Fiscal Year period for Awards to be presented at the 2018 Grand Conclave in New Orleans.

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly. The new Form 77's will be uploaded to IHQ's website within the next few weeks.
National HS Essay Contest:


It's that time of year again for us to host our "Annual National High School Essay Contest".
Essay topic:  “What Actions Can You Take to Promote Social Justice and Embrace Diversity of All People”
The essay must be accompanied by the following:
   1) The official National High School Essay form.
   2) The Essay.
   3) The release form.
   4) A color photo of the participant. (Professional dress attire)
   5) Acceptance letter from enrolled college/university.

DEADLINE for for all chapter contests to be completed is Friday, October 20th, 2017.

DEADLINE for chapter winner submittal to be submitted to the District is Sunday, November 12, 2017 (mid-night).  NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE GRANTED.

This information is being shared with all State Representatives, Basilei, and Ninth District officers; therefore, if your chapter is not aware of the deadline then they can reach-out to their local officers.  This information is also posted on the Mighty Ninth website under the category of "Achievement Week Sub-Committee"



1)    The National High School contest is a part of our "mandated programs".

2)    Essays are to be E-mailed directly to me at the following address: (Mailed copies

      will not be accepted for proper tracking reasons.)

          Bro. Rahsaan R. Cook

          Ninth District Achievement Week Committee Chairman

          E-mail address:

2017-2018 THEME: 

    "When the World Calls, Omega Men Answer"

Achievement Week Program's Information/Process:

 The updated Form 77s have already been E-mailed to the Ninth District.  If you don't have them, please contact your Basileus or State Representative.


AWP Submittals should include:

    1) A completed Form 77 for each category submittal.

    2) A color head-shot photo, professionally dressed, of each individual chapter winner.    

    3) A color chapter photo of the brothers dressed in dark suits and ties (preferable in Omega blazers and purple ties).  

As stated, submittals will be sent directly to the District Dropbox once its established. A deadline date has yet been established; however, start gathering your packet submittals now. 

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.


Your brother in Omega,


Bro. Rahsaan R. Cook


Rho Xi Chapter

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Ninth District

Achievement Week Chairman

(713)478-0761 Cell

Questions? Contact me at (713) 478-0761

Bro. Rahsaan R. Cook


Rho Xi Chapter

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Ninth District

Achievement Week Chairman