Arkansas State University

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Alpha Zeta

P. O. Box 4827
State University, AR 72467


1st Vice Basileus: 
Kordell Hightower
Darius Bonds
Christian Davis
Jarrius Burgess
Jamal Jones
Leonard Jordan

About Alpha Zeta

Alpha Zeta Chapter History {1973-2013}

I. Birth of Alpha Zeta.

Alpha Zeta Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. was founded on April 14, 1973 on the campus of Arkansas State University. Alpha Zeta Chapter was the first African American Greek Letter Organization to be chartered on Arkansas State University campus.  Alpha Zeta Chapter was the vision of the Xi Rho Graduate Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. located in Forrest City Arkansas.

The Xi Rho graduate chapter of Omega Psi Phi fraternity Inc. saw the need and opportunity to establish the first African American Greek Letter Organization on a majority all white college campus. Xi Rho chapter set out on a mission at the Arkansas State University Campus to seek out and procure young men of excellence who they felt exemplified  the Four Cardinal Principles of Omega. Their quest was satisfied with their procurement of 15 young men who met the criteria that Omega strived to uphold.  Once this had been established Xi Rho chapter chose Quranner Cotledge Sp. 1969 Tau Sigma of University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff to oversee the initiation process. Brother Cotledge became the first Dean of Pledges of the Alpha Zeta Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.

                In the Spring of 1973 Xi Rho Chapter also had an initiation process and thru this process came the first Adviser of Alpha Zeta Chapter Dr. Calvin C. Smith. Dr. Smith was working on Arkansas State Campus and served as the Campus Advisor for Alpha Zeta Chapter until 1994. Dr. Smith will forever be remembered for his service and dedication to Alpha Zeta.  The second adviser for Alpha Zeta Chapter was Dr. Arthur Mclin who was also a member of the Xi Rho Chapter. Dr. Lonnie Williams, member of Gamma Eta chapter is currently serving as the Campus Adviser for Alpha Zeta Chapter, where he is leading and guiding the chapter to meet the needs, demands, and challenges that face our community and nation thru promoting and providing scholarship and excellence and service to all.

Charter Members of Alpha Zeta

Spring 73- Genesis Charter Line

1. Fred Patrick
2. Thomas Baskins
3. Joseph “Bo” Black
4. Larry Ward
5. Willie “Dusty” Jones
6.Woodrow Keon
7.Malcolm Reese
9. Freddie Walker
10. Jerry Cheatam
11. Hershel Jones
12. Maurice Hopkins
13. Genard “Godfather” Medley
14.Jerry Williams
15. Ronnie Ray Robinson

II. Building the Foundation “The Early Years”

Basileus………………………………….……….       Larry Ward

Vice-Basileus…………………………….………      Joe Black

Keeper of Records and Seal…………………… Ernest Monts                  

Keeper of Finance……………………………….    Malcolm Reese/Woodrow Keon           

Keeper of Peace…………………………………     Jerry Cheatam

Chaplin………………………………………….  Thomas Baskins       

II. Accomplishment of Alpha Zeta Brothers and Chapter

  • Herchel Jones was the Top Scholar for Arkansas State University during the 1970’s
  • Alex Herman was the first black QB for Arkansas State
  • Genard Medley Holds several Track Records on Arkansas State Campus
  • Anthony Hampton held NCAA track Records in the Sun Belt
  • Alpha Zeta won 9th District Chapter of the year in 1995
  • Dennis Felton Held the office of 2nd Vice DR
  • Alpha Zeta has held the highest GPA amongst Greeks on Campus on several occasions
  • Alex Carrington plays for the Buffalo Bills
  • Bryan Hall plays for the Baltimore Ravens and has won a Super Bowl

III. Alpha Zeta Family

Between 1974-2013 Alpha Zeta has initiated 164 members thru lines. Below are the men who have been initiated into Alpha Zeta.

Spring 74- Faithful Few

1. Harrison Marr
2.Donnie Logan 

3. Nelson Kelly
4.Bob Anderson

Fall 74- Sons of Blood and Thunder

1. Oscar Young
2.Aldoff Thompson

Spring 75- Savage Two

1. Bruce Felix
2.Robert Davis

Spring 76- Three da Hard Way

1. Carl Riley
2.Enix Tims
3.Stanley Sims

Spring 77-Dirty Half Dozen

1.Gary “Lil Man” Clark…………………Deceased
2.Clifford Small
3.Jerry Johnson
4.Edwards Debuois
5.Eric McNeal
6.Tony “Truck” Turner…………………..Deceased

Fall 77- Right on Time

1. Alex “Tank” Herman
2.Milan Bruce

Spring 78- One and Only

1. Henry “Super Dog” Tweedle

Fall78- Inner Vision

2.Corin Shaw
3.John Sadler

Spring 79- Five Deadly Sins

2.Albert Jones
3.Albert Johnson
4.Wadell Kelly
5. Charles Shannon

Summer 80-

1. Fred Haynes
2.Dwayne Thomas

Fall 80- Double Dogg Dare You

1. Calvin Cox
2.John Jones

Spring 81-Bodious Trio

1. Gheric Bruce
2.Lee Charles
3.Rodger Hunter

Summer 81- Four Shades of Que

1. William Johnson
2.Tony Allen
3.Chris Ford
4.Anthony McKinney

Fall 81- Six Sons of Satan

1. Billy Joe Ward
2. Kenneth Baylor
3. Daryl White
4.Michael Roberts
5.Kelvin Brown
6.Charles Turner

Fall 82- Filthy Nickel

2.Michael McNeil
3.Byron Dunick
4.Leslie Echols
5.Earl Degrafid

Spring 83- Double Deuce Dogs of Disaster

1. Kevin Taylor
2.Kenneth Townsend
3.Dolan Felix
4George Washington

Spring 84- Four Ques Sake

1. Carl Cells
2.Wallace McGough “
3.Kevin Collins
4Darrell Peters

Spring 85- Too Tuff Ques

1. Johnny “Demon Dog
2.Anthony Smothers

Fall 86-

1. Eric Bailey

Spring 87- Too Vicious Ques

1. LD Anderson
2.Daryll Willis

Spring 87- Double Trouble

1. Ray Shaw
2.Kenneth Reed

Fall 87-Five Furious Dogs from Purple Hell

1. Demetris Jones
2.Tony Robinson
3.Scotty Lackland
4.Felix Ruffin “
5.Rodney Seawood

Spring 89-Four Drops of Purple Blood

1. Phillip Williams
2.Charles Calvin Smith Jr.
3.Miron Billingsley
4.Joseph Davis

Spring 90- Two Steps from Purple Hell

1. Willie Williams
2.Jerome Calloway

Fall 91- Seven Unbreakable Bones

1. Myc Scott
2.Samuel Williams III
3.Anthony Hampton
4.Curtis Carter
5.Chelse Graham “Taz Bone”……………….Deceased
6.Joseph Reed
7.Jeff Durham

Fall 92- The One and Only Que

1. Jarvis Bradley

Summer 93-Eight Sons of Blood and Thunder

1.Clemmie “Bo” Alcorn
2.Antwan Sanders
3.Shawn Aldridge
4.Phillip “Dotty” Brown
5.Verdell Anderson “Big Nasty”…………….Deceased
6.Victor Williams
7.Leodis Duckworth Jr.
8.Adrian Nickerson


Fall- 93

1. Charles “Tweety” Paige…………………….Deceased

Fall 94-Deathwish II

1. Carl Jordan
2.Sandy Livingston

Spring 95- Four Old Time Sake

1. Ivory “Lee-Lee” Jenkins “
2.Corey Mills
3.Joel Woods
4.Erick Desquare

Spring 96- Two Dark Knights From Purple Hell

1. Jermaine Bryant
2.Denishio Blanchett

Spring 97- Six Ques of Purple Destruction

1. Gary “Kool-Aid” Smith
2.Demond Davis
3.Corlan Phillips
4.Darrell Anthony
5.Calvin Tolbert
6.Kelvin Tate

Fall 02- Da Rebirth

1. Danny Smith Jr.
2.Greg Wilson
3.Darius Newsome
4.Robert Irby
5.Bryan Clark
6.Lawerence Dade III
7.Chris Hogan
8.Lee Watkins
9.Nathan Clayborn



Spring 03- Three Times Buck

2.Antonio Warren
3.Jerome Stegall

Spring 04- 4 ever in a Day

1. Ramon Williams
2.Chris Easley
3.Joshua Ward
4.Myron Anderson

Spring 05- 2 unconquerable Ques of purple haze

1. Brian Booker
2.Keon Morning

Spring 06-

1. Gaberial Miller
2.Dennis Felton
3.Joseph Smith

Spring 07- Five Unsolved Mysteries

1. Cedric Wilkerson
2.Marcus Smith
3.Kentrel Robinson
4.Marquise Meriwether
5.Albert “EJ” Carey

Spring 08- Seven Mirror Images of Survival

1. Anthony Robinson
2.Marcello Moody
3.Albert Byles
4.Willie Taylor
5.Terrell Bowie
6.Bryan Hall
7.Alex Carrington



Spring 09- Five Bloody but Unbowed Ques

1. Alex Ford
2.Dylan Walker
3.William Anderson
4.Elroy Brown
5.Alejandros Felton

Spring 10- Four Thoroughly Immersed

1. Torre Rodgers
2.Marquette Williams
3.Joathan Victorian

4.Jermey Gibson

Spring 2011- Six Sons Of Salvation

1. Karrington Junior
2. Darius Davis  

3. Convoicia Forbes
4. Chaz Scales
5. Carlos McCants
6. Eric Allen

Spring 2012-Four Purple Pits of Terror

1. Stephon Watson 
2. Ralph McFarling
3.William Blair
4. Tausean Holmes

Spring 2013- 7 UnconQUErable Souls

1. Jerry Baldwin
2. Booker Mays
3. Qushaun Lee  

4. De'Arius Fountain

5. Keaton Futrell
6. Jason Patton
7. Kyle Coleman

Spring 2014- 4saken Truths

1. Kordell Hightower

2. Alan Hater

3. Dekeathan Williams

4. Kendrien Ingram


Spring 2015-5 Diasatrous Dawgs of Destruction


  1. Darius bonds
  2. Dominique Washington
  3. Henry Offiah
  4. ZeDarius Gray
  5. Javon Rolland-Jones