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Mighty Ninth District

 82nd Annual District Meeting

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2018 Ninth District Undergraduate Summit

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The Brothers of the Ninth District will host the 2018 Youth Leadership Conference at the University of Houston, mentoring and engaging young men from 6th to 12th grade...  40th Grand Basileus, Antonio Knox, has tasked the International Violence Prevention Committee to sponsor a "Twitter Chat" addressing the broad topic of violence during Domestic Violence Awareness Month...  The eQUEnomic times Newsletter as presented by the 9th District Economic Development Committee. Our vision is to revolutionize communications and cultivate professional relationships...   
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Ninth District Life Membership Foundation

The Ninth District Life Membership Foundation, Inc., established in 2014, was chartered to aid organizations involved in charitable, educational, scholastic, and scientific pursuits.

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Omega Life Membership Foundation

To grow, preserve, and prudently manage financial resources for education, leadership development and charitable programs.

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OPPF Federal Credit Union

The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Federal Credit Union continues to provide financial avenues for the fraternity’s members, families and employees.

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Friendship Foundation

Commercial office complex. Your new business address. Located in DeKalb county

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